Ad Recruiting Black Men to Muchy

Former Confederate Officer Recruits Black Men to Work in Iowa Coal Mines in 1880

While researching how African Americans ended up being 55% of the population in Buxton, Iowa—which was established by Consolidation Coal Company—I did not expect to discover that one of the men who’d recruited African Americans to work in the company’s mines was Major Thomas Shumate, a Confederate officer. Within five to six years of establishing […]

New Buxton Book Just Released!

Available now at Amazon, Arcadia Publishing, Barnes & Noble and more! I’m excited to announce CREATING THE BLACK UTOPIA OF BUXTON, IOWA—published by The History Press—was released January 28, 2019. While LOST BUXTON, my 2017 release published by Arcadia Publishing, was a pictorial history of Buxton told primarily in the words of former residents and newspaper […]