In 2022, I Discussed Buxton in 3 Documentaries

Filming Buxton documentary in living room.

In 2022, I was honored to be included in the following documentaries, talking about Buxton.

The African American Midwest: A 500 Year Fight for Freedom

As stated in “The 1539 Project: Why Black Midwest and Iowa history matters,” producers of “The African American Midwest” hope to show that the Midwest is not only America’s geographic heartland — it is the beating heart of African American history. The producers include Christy Clark-Pujara, Ashley Howard, and Erik S. McDuffie. The Buxton segment may be changed and/or expanded when production begins. The following segment is also available for viewing: BLACK PIONEERS & BUFFALO SOLDIERS: The Legend of Nicodemus, Kansas

PREVIEW: BUXTON: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Turn-of-the-20th-Century Iowa from The African American Midwest on Vimeo.

Telling Our Own Stories: Black History

Professor Venise Berry and filmmaker Steve Berry, a brother and sister team, produced the Black history segment of a four-part series on Iowa PBS. The other episodes are: Poverty and the Wealth Gap, Racism and Its Impact, and Ending Racism.

Remembering Buxton, Iowa: A Town Lost to Time

KYOU produced an hour-long special on Buxton. Not only was I featured in it, I provided research to the producers.


  1. My grandfather was born and raised in Buxton. I’ve heard his father was the constable. They called him big black. His last name was Wesley.

  2. My great great grandma Bertha Cain was a school teacher there. My grandpa has a ton of history about buxton!!!

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